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There is a common beauty standard in the Philippines of women having long silky black hair. Having long and silky black hair is the definition of beauty in my country and is what is always shown in television, advertisements, magazines, and cosmetic packaging. I find this standard to be very limiting and believe it should not be the main factor in whether a woman is considered beautiful in society.

This poster is more intimate and personal as it explores my own experiences with the beauty ideal of having the preferred hair type. For the text, I decided to use a comment in the Tagalog language saying “You would be beautiful if it weren’t for your hair.” This was said by an older Filipino woman in a hair salon who was more traditional in her values and I think it is important to note that these beauty ideals shift from generation to generation.

This project encouraged me to explore more important elements of my culture that weren't just from personal experiences and helped me consider ways I could also inform and affect those who don’t know as much about the Filipino culture.